Time to “Go Back To My Roots”…Funding Businesses

No matter how many businesses I’ve been involved with, whether my own 150 start-ups or the scores of others that have come to me for their financing needs ($600 million or so) over the past 4 decades…raising debt capital is what I am really good at, so I am circling back to what I do best.

COVID has wreaked havoc on most of us, including yours truly. Extensive investments in corporate and leisure travel ventures, a multi-million dollar investment in a unique vertical of eldercare housing, a joint venture in a crypto project, a partnership in an eVisa venture for travelers to Vietnam, and even a “Cannabis Church” all fell to the wayside waiting out the COVID chaos. Oh well…

Not one to just sit on the sidelines licking my wounds, I embarked on a wonderful venture helping others, specifically young women Millennials, to help themselves. See a recent blog on the “Millennial Queenmaker” program…A Classic “Millennial Queen” Candidate | LinkedIn

A big part of that help to select “Millennial Queens” is the financial component. As the saying goes, “Cash is King” and without access to capital, no business can survive, let alone even start. That’s what my primary company, Burn$ Funding (www.burnsfunding.com) is all about. Unofficially starting over 45 years ago with my initial capitalization and expansion of my first “official” business as a mere teenager Peter J. Burns III — The “Moped Rental King” | by Peter J. Burns III | Medium…I’ve been formulating creative ways to self-fund and help other entrepreneurs ever since.

The “Awakening Behmouth” of American Business is starting to come back to life which means that the financial markets of lending are coming back…and I’m jumping right back onboard. Only days ago, my very talented internal banker at Burn$ Funding shared all about a unique financing product that is so powerful I wanted to begin offering it to interested parties right away.

The particulars of this unique business loan are identified below:

An individual FICO score of 700+ (the higher the better) is required, with an auto installment loan, 3+ credit cards (best with 5-year histories), a mortgage, and no derogatories which will result in a business loan between $200k-$1 million in long term (20 years), low interest (Prime + 2–4) with monthly billing.

This is a business loan to a corporation that is already formed with full financials and is actually provided to complete the transaction. There will be NO reporting of this loan on the individual’s personal credit profile.

The money loaned to the company that the borrower controls can be used for anything. If you have a business or even an idea for one, terrific. I can help you if you do not. Just check out my CURRENT and FUTURE Projects at www.peterjburns3.com.

This is a golden opportunity to restart your engines if you’ve been sidelined by COVID and if you’ve ever wanted to try your “side hack”… now is the time. Let me help you to help yourself. Simply reach out to me at peter@burnsfunding.com and I’ll take it from there. As I said, I’m very good at this sort of thing and am jumping back in with both feet!

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A serial entrepreneur who specializes in the establishment of niche market replicable business enterprises; creating new concepts from the ground up.